Emeka C. Anyanwu Portrait

Emeka C. Anyanwu, MD, MScBMI
cardiologist and web developer

I’m Emeka, a practicing cardiologist and web developer based in Philadelphia.
I develop digital health care products and data pipelines by pairing clincial experience with expertise in full-stack web application development.

Clincially, I am a non-invasive cardiologist, caring for ambulatory and hospitalized patients. I also supervise medical trainees and read and perform echocardiograms. I am board certified in Cardiovascular Medicine, Echocardiography, and Clinical Informatics.

As a web developer, I have expertise in developing and deploying web and mobile applications to on-prem and cloud infrastructure. I love expanding my horizons but most commonly use Ruby, Python, and JavaScript/TypeScript. I am able to leverage my clinical informatics expertise to design EHR data extraction and integration pipelines and hold a number of Epic certifications.

I am open to speaking engagements, consulting, and collaboration opportunities.